Mandela Hall

The Mandela Hall is located in the Cattleya Hotel it also embraces the Cattleya Orchid but with a twist as this space is also dedicated to the late Honourable Nelson Mandela.  The warm ambience of the lounge represents the delicate elements of the Cattleya yet this room has been used and known for intimate leadership meetings and training, worship events and small seminars.  This space also doubles as a lounge with bar and night time entertainment facilities, which also makes it great for live performance events.  The room generally accommodates approximately one hundred and twenty (120) persons depending on layout style.


Full and final payments to book the lounge is expected at least two (2) weeks before the event. Also a refundable caution fee and a reservation fee is included in the rental fee which is due within two (2) days of confirmation.

Please click on links below to view floor plans, rates and pictures.

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The Cattleya Hotel

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