Odem Group Of Companies Ltd


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: ruby, carnelian (redness), precious stone

Phonetic Spelling: O’ -dem


Odem Group of Companies Ltd. was registered 2014 and was rebranded in 2016. The ODEM Group is a multifaceted artistic and creative services company made up of Odem BRANDS, Odem BUSINESS, Odem CREATIVE MEDIA, Odem DESIGN.BUILT, Odem FOUNDATION, Odem PUBLISHING, and Odem PRODUCTIONS. The uniqueness of The Odem Group lies in the company's ability to offer a myriad of services under one roof.

Strategically, the company’s growth plan is to innovatively network and position each division to become fully viable individual businesses within the next ten years. Presently we offer services to the public through four divisions - BRANDS, BUSINESS, CREATIVE MEDIA and FOUNDATION, our other divisions are currently in development stage with a view to launch services mid - 2018.


Our Mission

To never fail to adhere to a higher calling in all that we do.  Since no one is good except God alone we aspire to be all things to all men in the image of our creator, the first author of success, and after whom in faith we rightly model our business practices towards building a legacy.


Our Vision

To develop a company that will positively impact the world in the areas of business, media, arts, entertainment, education and family.


Our Business Philosophies are based on our founder’s vision and beliefs. These simple but powerful philosophies are:


  • We love what we do, so everyday business is effortless and fun

  • We view our services and products as a valuable contribution to society

  • We can accomplish anything; our creative talents are limitless

You can email us at:  info@odemcompanies.com